Portable Baptistry Heaters

Portable Baptistry Heater – PBES 6010 and 6040

We offer the PBES 6010 and PBES 6040 Portable Baptistry Heater Systems manufactured by Hydro-Quip.

The PBES6010, 1kW unit, is recommended for baptistries up to 150 gallons and includes a 15′ GFCI protected power cord.

The PBES6040, 4kW unit, is recommended for baptistries up to 750 gallons. Does not have built in GFCI. We recommend that you also purchase a GFCI breaker. Includes a 15′ cord and 220/240V plug which must be plugged into a dedicated 240V supply.

Heat Up Times: The PBES 6010 will heat 150 gallons in 11 to 15 hours*. The PBES 6040 will heat 750 gallons in 14 to 18 hours*. Both units have a high limit of 104°F.

*All Heat Up Times are approximate and are largely dependent on the water temperature, room temperature, and whether or not you use a thermal baptistry cover (to help keep heat in the baptistry).

***This circulation baptistry heater does not require any cutting, drilling, plumbing or modification to your church baptistry.***

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PBES 6000 Series Portable Baptistry
PBES 6000 Series Portable Baptistry Heater Installation Kit for PBES 6000 Series Heater

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Standard:  Stainless steel housing | Full Range Thermostat | High Limit Protection | Pressure Switch Activation | Base Mounted | 15′ Suction & Return Hoses

How It Works: One hose connects to the submersible pump which pumps water from the baptistry to the heater, then heated water is pumped back to the baptistry with the other hose. The unit will need to be turned off and the pump will need to be removed from the water prior to anyone entering the baptismal pool.

PBES 6010 portable baptistry heater diagram

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